Sunday, October 9, 2011

A trip down Memory Lane.......and Kinley

As most of you know, my Kinley is a Character...She is NOTHING like Colton and Bailey were when they were her age..They acted their age. She does not. She thinks she is seven and is their triplet. We just let her think it. One of her favorite things to do is dress up. I'm not talking about dress up as in pretty frilly dresses, I'm talking about Costumes. She is always game for a good Costume...even if it is only a pair of goggles, a crown and a pink tule skirt (as seen in a former blog) Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of pictures of her doing her favorite thing. The best part of these pictures for me is seeing her in her older Sister's old costumes. I cant believe we held on to these things for so long...considering we weren't planning on having another baby...I guess my need to hang on to some things paid off. My Sweet Baby looks so cute in her hand me downs.

This is Kinley in Bailey's old Texans dress. She will always have Texans attire thanks to Bailey.

I just love this picture. She is such a HAM!!!! I went ahead and included a couple of pictures of Colton & Bailey when they were little. Having Twins has been so fun especially when they didn't care that their costumes went together. No chance of that now!

My Sweet Little Texan Babies. They were so fun at that age!

My Little Raggedy Ann and Andy. I'm glad I did this while I could because there is NO WAY this will ever happen again!

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  1. AWESOME pictures! I'm right there with ya... the days of picking out sweet, coordinating Halloween costumes are over. A zombie hockey player and Velma from ScoobyDoo don't hold a candle to Ragedy Ann & Andy!