Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blue Angels and Ghost and Goblins

All week, the Kids and I have been looking forward to going to the neighborhood park for some trick or treating and Halloween festivities.  It was our Big Plans for the weekend.  Usually our weekend consist of hanging out around the house or going to the Deer Lease, so I get excited when we have ANYTHING planned.  One night this week when Greg got home he was telling us about the Randolph Air force Base Airshow that would be featuring the Blue Angels.  AWESOME!!!!!!  Who dosen't like a good air show!  New plans!!!!  Saturday Morning, Airshow..........Saturday Night, Trick or Treating in the Park!  WOW!!! We actually have plans and they're going to last ALL DAY!!!!   O.k. so we get up and get dressed and head to the airshow.  I thought we were just going to go and watch some planes fly around but it was so much more than that!  They had airplanes from every era.... Vietnam, World War II, even modern-day fighters and bombers were out there and we got to walk through some of them. There was a lot going on before we even reached our seats to watch the airshow.   The U.S. Navy's Blue Angels were headlining this years show.  They are UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  Can you imagine flying an airplane at all, much less flying 36" away from your partners all while doing Crazy stunts!!!  I don't know how this is humanly possible to maintain that kind of skill!!!
O.k. now for the photo dump!  I've got 166 pics....I think I've got it narrowed down to 15.  :)

Here they are walking into one of the planes.  This is as far as the got before they turned around to make sure I was behind them.  They weren't about to go in alone.  It's nice to still be needed for things like that.

I wanted the actual painting on the side of the plane to be in the picture, but as you can see that didn't happen.  Greg tries, but he's not the best with a Camera.

Colton is such a good Big Brother!

There were even parachuters!

We had to stop for sunglasses. NOTE TO MOM (that would be Me) Next time we go to an event where we're all staring into the Sun, make sure the kids have SUNglasses!!!! DUH!!!!!

Sportin' their new shades

Here's Kinley doing what she does best.  EATING!  A Cookie in one hand and Honeydew in the other.  She loves wearing her little Pink Cowgirl boots.

Time to wash it all down.

There they Are!  The Blue Angels!!!!  AWESOME!!!!!!

Daddy and Kinley watching the show

By the end of the day we were tired and DIDN'T feel like fighting the crowd and walking all the way back to our shuttle bus, so we hitched a ride on the Bud Light cart!  The only down side to this is listening to all of the people that are walking by Yelling,  "HEY, CAN I GET SOME BEER!!" Original Guys, Never heard that one before!!!!  There is a driver and a family of five piled into this thing.....Does it look like we have any room to carry Beer!!!!!!  GEEEEZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!

O.k. so we got home just in time to throw on costumes and head down to the park.  What once was the thought of an exciting night was now a "Let's get this over with" kind of night!  We were all pretty tired. 

Here's my little Pirate.  She is refusing to look at me or smile!

Here's my family!  The Big kid in the back still hasn't learned to stay smiling so when all of the kids are smiling I can just snap the picture!!!  I guess he was saying  HAAAAAlloween!

My Groovy Girl!

I think he only wanted this costume for all of the toys that came with it!

These ladies are Mother and Daughter.  When Bailey walked up, the lady in the Blue (Mother) said Well, aren't you cute!  Your the first INDIAN I've seen!  Bailey was polite and said Thank You, but the daughter (in the witch costume) said MOTHER, SHE'S NOT AN INDIAN......SHE'S A HIPPIE!!! GEEZ!!!! The Mother then says, "Oh, I'm so sorry, You have to excuse me......I'M OLD!!! 

This is Bailey and one of her Best Friends, Hannah.  
Hannah was Mother Nature!

I don't know this guy, but I had to take his picture!!  Not a good time of the year to be going around South Texas dressed like this!  :)  
 Love it!!!!

Not too many pictures of Colton at the Halloween Party because he pretty much stayed out of the camera's way......Once Kinley realized people were putting candy in her bag that was tied to her stroller, her head stayed buried in it for the rest of the night.  We left the party and went and had Mexican food, went home and were all in bed by 8:45pm.  What a Day!

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