Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dear Kids.....

Dear Kids....

Last year, Aunt Mary gave Colton a nerf gun that has since been a source of great aggravation for me. No offense Aunt Mary.... These darts have been shot in every room in our house, at every face that got in the way and became Kinley's favorite chew toy. She likes to bite the black rubber things off of them which is stressful because it's a CHOKING HAZARD!!!!! I don't know how she finds them but she does. I think she stashes them somewhere and goes and gets them when she's in the mood for a good nerf dart. There have been yelling matches....well actually me yelling, "QUIT SHOOTING THAT THING IN THE HOUSE....Unfortunately they have been directed towards your Daddy more than you!!! You know he jumps at the chance to aggravate me...It's part of his charm :) Anyway, this picture is from the night you got it. (Christmas night) We were at Ninny and Papa's house and as soon as your Daddy turned his back, his Butt became the Target!!!!! Who knew they would stick to flannel pants like that! I did get a good laugh out of that one!

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