Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'll show you Constant Work!

My Seven year old daughter informed me on Saturday after I asked her to do ONE SIMPLE THING that I constantly make her do work. (In her most dramatic voice) She's saying this as she's sitting down to watch the cartoons that she had been watching ALL MORNING. I look around the living room that I am about to have to pick up and as usual NONE OF IT IS MINE so this, "You constantly make me do work" comment rubbed me the WRONG WAY! I decided to teach her a lesson! I said, "I'll show you Constant Work!" She immediately became scared and started begging and crying....PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME DO ANYTHING, I'M SORRY I SAID THAT....TOO LATE! What kind of lesson would I be teaching her if I let her sob story change my mind. Of course, I used this as a photo opp...you know, just add a little fuel to the fire. I just walked around taking pictures....Am I MEAN or what!

Here she is vaccuming. I don't think this was much of a punishment, because she ended up enjoying it! Good to know! She did suck up a sock because common sense didn't kick in in time for her to pick it up before running over it. So on top of a vacuumed floor, my living room smelled like burnt vacuum motor!

Here she is picking up the babies toys. A NEVER ENDING chore! This one wasn't as much fun for her....she whined a little as she did it. It was so hard that she had to brace herself on the recliner...Geeeeezzzzz!!!

Loading the Dishwasher was next. I will not be asking her to do this again for a long time. It was more punishment for me considering an hour later she was still standing on this stool, the sink was still mostly full of dishes because it took her FOREVER to load them and I had to keep the Baby busy the whole time because she LOVES to pull the dishes out as they go in. This is a nap time chore for me....Can't have the dishwasher open with Kinley around!
It ended with a whole lot of water on the floor (which created a slip and slide for Kinley....she didn't seem to mind, she likes playing in the water even if it is on the kitchen floor....and I had to finish the job anyway.

Lastly, she had to hang the clothes that came out of the dryer. She did manage to do a good job with that one except for the few "adult" shirts that ended up on "kid" hangers.

All in all, I think she learned her lesson.

Before I end, I would like to ask for your advice....Do your kids have chores and if so, what are they and how old are your kids? I see a chore chart in my near future!

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  1. Jeri, please send your daughter over here after, pulllleeezze. My house is a mess, and I think I trump you because all I have is a husband and two boys... so pretty much no one.

  2. lol this is hillarious!!!! I need to use this on Hanna for sure. The only chores she has are empty the little trash cans twice a week and keep food and water for the dogs!!! She of course needs more but you give her more and she expects to be paid!!! Kids these days