Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Special Delivery!

Today, we got a box from the mailman! I don't know about you, but we don't get boxes very often from the mailman, so when we do, it's VERY EXCITING!!! It was addressed to the Kids, from Ninny and Papa and it said POPCORN FACTORY on the side! Who doesn't like a good box of Popcorn?? Kinley was napping when the package arrived and Colton and Bailey were at School, so I decided since it was their name on the box, I would wait and let them open it.  A couple of hours later, Kinley was up, but we still had an hour before the other two got home so I decided to let her open it first. I mean, she would just get pushed to the side when Colton and Bailey got a hold of it anyway,  so why not let her have a little fun too! 
She knew just what to do!  If there is something to get into, she has no problem digging right in! 

 She didn't know what to expect under that lid, but I expected an assortment of different flavored popcorn.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this assortment of Yummyness!

She is use to having to share with her Brother and Sister, so I guess she wanted to grab it all and run before anyone else could get it.  She utilized both hands and her mouth for this task!

This picture was taken after she took off running and then quickly turned around and stared at the tin as if she was contemplating going back for more.  Unfortunately, I made her put it all back and make it look like it hadn't been opened so Bailey and Colton can have the pleasure of opening their Sweet Surprise too!

Finally, they are home and the reopening can begin!
I like how Kinley is looking at it, like she can't wait to see what's inside....even though she already knows!  It's our little secret!

 Check out the excitement on Colton's face and the worry on Kinley's.  She's probably thinking, "I should have never let that go.

 They are in Sugar Heaven!  I think Colton consumes the sugar by sight alone!

Cheese!!!!  Notice, Colton already has Candy hanging out of his teeth!

Colton has also found good use for the Box! 

Thanks Papa and Ninny for the Halloween surprise!  Colton said we'll send you our next Dentist bill!

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