Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dear Kids....(Grandpa Gus)

Dear Kids,

This weekend was Grandpa Kleiber's Funeral. (Your Great Grandpa) We went and saw him on Wednesday and got the call Thursday Morning (October 13, 2011) that he had passed away. A call we really were not expecting. The Doctor made it sound like he would be fine...he even used the words "Long term", but God and Grandpa had other plans. He was ready. He was ready to see his Lillie. Lillie passed away in August of 2009. He missed her a lot. They had been married for 69 years. That's A LONG time to be married to someone and then one day be without them. We take a lot of comfort knowing that they are together again. I want to take a minute to tell you some things about him. I know one day you will appreciate the info. Grandpa's full name was Ernst August Kleiber. Most people called him Gus. He was born on February 17, 1914 in Winchester, Texas. His parents names were Ernst & Anna Kleiber. Anna's maiden name was Leopold. He and Grandma got married on July 9, 1940 in Smithville, TX. Grandpa was a farmer and rancher for most of his life.

Bailey and Grandpa.

Colton telling Grandpa a story.

Greg & Grandpa

Grandpa holding Colton & Bailey on July 4th, 2004

Grandpa meets Kinley for the first time.

Your Daddy wanted to speak at Grandpa's funeral. Grandpa meant a lot to him and he wanted to make sure that some personal facts were thrown in at the funeral. It was a Great speech and we were ALL so proud of him for giving it. Here it is.....

I want to thank everyone for coming out to celebrate Ernst August Kleiber's
(otherwise known as Grandpa) life of 97 years. He lived a Great life with the woman he truly loved for 69 years until she passed in August of 2009.
I can see it now when Grandpa walks through the gates of Heaven, he'll stop the first person he see's and yell, DO YOU KNOW ME?? (That was his way of saying, "have we met before?") Then they'll stand there and talk about how dry it is and will they ever get any rain...and how there is a shortage of good hay. Then he'll see Grandma on the back porch rolling noodles to be cut because there's company coming over. Grandma will probably say, "It's about time you got here, the thistle's are getting bad, so get the pick up truck and the grubbing hoe's. Pick me up at the gate. I have to go sew a patch on the hole in my knee's. So, they go grub thistles until around ten o'clock and then head back home. Grandpa will go pour a glass of sun tea which has been brewing on the side walk and will go sit on the front porch while Grandma heats up some BBQ that is left over from the Serbin picnic the week before. After lunch, Grandpa will take a nap while Grandma sits in the living room and watches the Young and the Restless. Grandpa will get up and Peel Pecans and wait for it to cool off outside so he can run the tractor through the garden. At 5:30, he'll come back in and supper better be on the table. They'll eat and go sit on the front porch where Grandpa gets his old green bean can off the Ciney Bean tree. He'll take a big chew of his tobacco and chew and spit for the next hour while Grandma is pinning and taking care of the Chickens. Then he'll go in and soak his teeth, watch wheel of fortune and Dukes of Hazzard and call it a night. They lead a very simple life and that's just how they wanted it. We will miss you, but we sure did enjoy our time together. I Love you Grandpa.

Everyone appreciated the "story". It was their life to a "T". He was a mess...Even in his last days, he was winkin' at the nurses. I'm sure you will hear a lot of stories about him through out your life. Your Daddy has A LOT of them.


  1. What a touching post! Your children will most certainly appreciate these memories someday. Sorry for your loss and prayers for peace.

  2. Jeri- I have only known you and your family for a few months now but I feel like we have become good friends in such a short time. Reading your blogs makes me understand why I have such an appreciation for our friendship. You are a great mom and wife. Your family will one day love that you wrote all your daily stories... Funny, loving, sentimentall and ALL. You are always very real with your posts, thanks for that. This partiular one brought a tear to my eye, thanks for sharing it with everyone.