Friday, October 7, 2011

Scaredy Cat and Blogging about it!

It is at this very moment 2:44am. I should be sound asleep without a care in the world. Am I, obviously not, I'm blogging...About 20 minutes ago, my whole family was awakened by the sound of our House alarm going off. A sound NO ONE wants to hear in the middle of the night!!! Not a burglar, not a homeowner, not a neighbor, not a dog....NO ONE!! We just changed our alarm service so when the alarm went off, I guess I didn't recognize the new sound so I didn't jump up..(I was a little groggy, being asleep and all so my first thought was that my husbands alarm was going off on his phone...It goes off every morning around 4:15am and I usually sleep through it. When I realized that it was my house alarm, I panicked...The first reason I panicked is because I was thinking that my husband had already left and here my alarm was going off. Who was going to protect me from the intruder!!!! I see a silhouette of a man in the middle of my bedroom standing still....It's my husband,,,ahhhh thank God....He's just standing there and he looks at me and says, "What is that???""" HELLO!!!!!! There is a blaring alarm coming from our Hallway and you say, "What is that????" (Mind you, I'm drawing this out a little bit, but this was all happening very quickly...) My daughter comes running into our bedroom...groggy and confused...then my son comes running down the hallway in FULL PANIC...again this is happening really quickly....I haven't even left my bedside yet....CRAP!!! I got hot last night and took off my shirt!!! Where is it????I can not fight off an intruder without a shirt on!!!! How embarrassing would that be????? No one has turned on our bedroom light yet so I'm feeling around the floor in the dark and find my shirt. Next, we all go running down the hall together to get to the alarm pad....I say together because there was no way my Children were going to be more than an inch away from us at this point...even though I'm telling them to get back...go back in my room!!!! I definitely don't need to have to jump over a child to get to an intruder that could be standing in my living room...o.k., let me rephrase that. I will not be charging at an intruder, but if I have to defend myself, then I would like to do it without a kid in the middle...This is my thinking...I know, I know, I'm a little paranoid but in my defense, I'm still not completely awake. I have mixed feelings about my husband just charging into the living room in this situation...On one side, I'm thinking, Wow, he's not even scared...he's going to go in there and face whatever this is HEAD ON!!!! The other part of me is thinking, Wow...he didn't even grab a weapon...I hope he's prepared. My husband is one of those people who I feel doesn't think about the BAD SCENARIO..I'm sure he had it in his mind that our alarm was just malfunctioning...Anyway...on to the story..again it's taking me a while to tell the whole story but in reality, only about 1 minute has passed..I follow behind my husband to turn the alarm off (I'm the only one in this house who knows how to do this) We are both standing there discussing why our alarm could be going off. Then my thoughts go to the baby....I had just seen a story yesterday on MSNBC about a 10 month old that was taken from her crib in the middle of the night....Her poor parents were pleading with the person who took her to bring her back. I go to the Babies room and fling open the door. She's just standing there and of course I am thankful....even if it is two o'clock in the morning and now she is Wide awake. The phone rings (It has been about 3 minutes)and my seven year old daughter is running for it...Why is she in my way???? Is she going to handle this or is she groggy and unsure of what to do like me. I practically leap over her to answer the phone and it's the alarm company..well actually a recording saying that they had received signal that my alarm had gone off but because it had been stopped, there would be no police coming out....Ummmmmm, again mixed feelings about this. I can't tell a recording that someone is in my house and has forced me to turn my alarm off! I know, I know..I've seen one too many Lifetime Movies. (luckily not the case, but my mind is going in all different directions) We STILL don't know what caused the alarm to go off so I'm still leery...Then, my husband checks the back door, it's now we both figure the wind blew hard and caused the door to shift a little which triggered the alarm. Let's hope that's all it is.. I've got the baby, the kids are still on our hips..There is NO WAY, they are going back to their own rooms (well they have their own rooms, but they sleep together in my son's room) so guess what....My husband gathers an extra blanket and pillow and heads into their room to sleep...For some reason I'm thinking it's time to get up so I'm wondering why he's dragging a blanket and pillow into their room. He says, "It's 2 o'clock in the morning" OHHHHHHH, I thought he was standing in the middle of our bedroom when the alarm went off because he was already up and about to start getting ready for work..that shows how quick my response time is. He's up in the middle of the bedroom before I even open my eyes...I am relieved because I'm still a little shaken up and I'm not ready for him to leave. Anyway, so now my husband is in my kids room, the baby is back in her room and I am in my room UNABLE to sleep because in my mind...we don't know FOR SURE why the alarm sounded. I will admit, I feel a little bit like a little girl that is scared, but I acknowledge that I'm probably being Silly so instead of trying to Squeeze into bed with my two older kids and husband, I will blog....Even though every little noise I hear is going to make my heart race a little....I tried to get the Baby to sleep with me, but she wasn't having it..she wanted her own bed so now I will be up checking her room every few minutes..even though I have the baby monitor on full blast. I just checked her and as I'm walking down the long dark hallway, I feel anxiety because it feels like someone is behind me. Again, too many lifetime movies. My eyes are getting a little bit heavy now, so maybe I can get in a couple more hours of sleep. That's not a strong possibility, but I am going to try. I wish I could be one of those brave women who is not bothered by things like this, but I am my Mother's child so my paranoia will linger...Thanks Mom! I'm only saying that because I know she's reading this. Well, If you've made it to the end of this post, then thanks for listening. I'm going to try and sleep now. Good Night.

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  1. Jeri, I'm dying laughing, reading this at 5 am while the rest of my family is sleeping. I can hear your voice while I'm reading this which makes it even more hilarious!!!!