Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dear Kids... (Halloween 2008)

Dear Kids....

Since it's October, I'll talk a little bit about your past Halloweens. This picture was from your first Halloween in San Antonio. We were excited to find out that our neighborhood had a Halloween Party at the Park. Our old neighborhood never had anything like this, and quite honestly, I don't think that we would have gone if they did. This was the first year that you were really old enough to take interest in picking out your own costumes. FUN! Naturally, Bailey, you wanted to be a princess so that's what you were. Unfortunately, my Common sense didn't kick in when you asked if you could wear your plastic high heel princess shoes. I said, "SURE!!!!! That would be cute!!! Wasn't so cute when not even an hour later, you were complaining about how bad your feet hurt. I must admit I felt like a Bad Mommy when I saw all the other Princesses out there with their TENNIS SHOES on. DUH!!!!! I'm not sure how I thought a 4 year old could manage to walk around a lake and participate in activities in plastic Princess shoes.....Oh well, Lesson learned! Sorry it was at your expense.

Colton, After carefully examining all of the costumes at Party City and even trying on a few, you focused in on the UPS costume. Why....I don't know, but you were certain that this was the costume for you. I made your candy "box" out of an actual UPS shipping box and I have to admit it's been my most favorite costume of yours so far. People were stopping me and asking if they could take your picture. A lot of people were saying...We know who's parents must work for UPS! NOPE, no UPS workers in this family! My Son just likes the uniform and the thought of dropping off packages at people's door steps excites him to no end. Still does! We get special deliveries all of the time in this house...from you that is, not the UPS man. I must admit, seeing the UPS man pull up does give me a little thrill. Especially when I'm not expecting anything!! The thought of what might be in that package is EXCITING!!! That is until you find out it's someting like the replacement DVR from Dish Network or an empty box that Dish Network has sent to you to send your old DVR back to them in. What a let down! We would represent your Daddy, but I don't think a Budweiser costume would be appropriate for you at this time :) Anyway, we had a GREAT time and it has been our Halloween Tradition ever since.

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