Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Weekend in Fredericksburg!

As most of you know, the Deer Lease is our Home away from Home. If we are not here on the weekends, more than likely, we are there. It has become a little more difficult to sit and relax while we are there because Kinley is ALL OVER THE PLACE and she loves to be outside. There is so much to get into there so we have to keep a Really close eye on her at all times or she will be GONE!!!!! We figured out this weekend, that the Ranger is a good Babysitter. She loves to just sit and play in it, so we just pulled it up close to all of our chairs and let her play away! It makes for a nice break for all of us who basically take turns running after her.
Ninny and Katie listened to music on Katie's phone while they went on their fake ride!

Saturday, Kinley woke up a little early and was begging to go outside....By begging, I mean bringing me her shoes to put on her feet and then standing at the front door waiting for me to let her out. I took this opportunity to take some sweet pictures of my little mess! I love the facial expressions that she makes!

Next, Aunt Mary had the idea of letting the kids tie dye t-shirts. This was a lot of fun...even for me! First you get a cup (we used coffee cups) and put them inside the shirt and put a rubber band around the rim like this.

Next, take colored markers and draw whatever your little heart desires...

Next, take rubbing alcohol and pour a LITTLE or take a medicine dropper and drop it onto the colors....It will start to spread...take your cup out and move it to a different spot on your shirt and repeat. The Kids had a lot of fun working on their shirts....well everyone but Kinley....she just got in the way every way she could....even while I was trying to take pictures..

Once your done, hang to dry. Here they are sportin' their new shirts!

The kids favorite thing to do while at the Deer Lease is ride the 4 wheelers and the golf cart. This time, they decided to up the excitement by tying a piece of plywood to the back of one of the four wheelers and ride around....this would be called 4 wheeler boarding...I don't have any pics of them standing up, but here's one of the girls sitting.
(I know, I know Mom....It's dark and this is dangerous and why in the world is the baby going along for the ride???? I assure you that they were under CLOSE Adult Supervision, so need to call me and let me know that I should really be careful about doing things like this......I GET IT!!! I'M CAREFUL!)

I'm going to close this blog with a picture of my Kinley (the youngest grandchild) and Katie, my niece (the oldest grandchild) It seems like yesterday that Katie was the only little one running around. Time sure does fly when your having fun!

Until next time....HAPPY BLOGGING!!!!

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  1. Great pics. I love all the happy, smiling faces and the painting project.