Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lazy, Cozy, Snuggly, Rainy Days.......

I love Rainy Days!!!! We haven't had many rainy days in a long time, but today it is a lazy, cozy, snuggly rainy day! I woke up this morning to the sound of my Husband telling the kids to wait until Mommy gets up so she can take a picture. I opened my eyes only to find that it was still dark in my room so naturally I thought it was the middle of the night. My kids are acting as if it is Christmas Morning and are trying to wake me up without making it obvious that they are trying to wake me up. I decided to give them what they wanted since they were so excited and I slowly walked down the hallway. As soon as I was spotted, I hear Mama, Mama!!!!! Come look what Jake did!!! He is the best elf ever!!!! You would have thought that he had left them a pile of gifts or something. I followed them into the kitchen to check out what the Best elf in the world had done. There he was sitting in a bowl sipping on some milk out of a shot glass and eating an oreo. He had also spelled out his name in Big Giant Peppermint flavored Marshmallows. What a Guy!!!

I took my pictures and then the kids started eating away on the Candy Canes. Breakfast for Champions!!!! (During the Holidays that is!)
After our REAL Breakfast, everyone scattered.

Bailey sat down to watch a little CMT. Actually one video came on (Lauren Alaina's "Like My Mother Does) and Bailey is watching it, rewinding it, watching it, rewinding it....this might go on all day if I let it!
When I asked her to Smile, she said, "You're not taking this picture so you can go blog about how lazy I am, are you???"

Colton, Greg and Kinley headed out to the Man Cave aka Garage. There is a table, fridge, couch....and normal garage stuff out there, but recently we added a blow up mattress....It wasn't meant for the garage, but when the kids saw the Box they immediately wanted to see it blown up. So, the Garage is where it has stayed. Here the three amigos are chillin' in the Garage.
Funny enough, when I took this picture, Greg said, "You don't have to go post this on facebook!" Does this family think I only take pictures for the sole purpose of posting them somewhere on the internet!!!! HeeHeeHee!!!

Next....Me....I am sitting on my bed with the door to the outside open enjoying the cool air and the sound of the rain falling....listening to Christmas music and blogging. I can't ask for much more.

Luckily, these days come few and far between....It makes me enjoy them even more. If they happened everyday, I might not realize how Great this is!

Hope everyone is having a Great Sunday!!!!!

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  1. What a cute site! I love that you love rainy days! It's a nice way of looking at it because normally I hate rainy days! Thanks for stopping by I'm now following back! :-)

  2. Sometimes rainy days are the best, aren't they? I love all of the pictures! Your family is adorable. :)

    OH. And I love that your blog is now Christmas themed! Go you! :) It's so cute! I hope you and yours are having a great week so far.