Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas 2005

I don't have any big story to tell....I just wanted to show a few more Christmas Pictures from the past. Life flies by soooo fast. I can't believe these babies are now Seven!!!
This was one of our attempts of a Christmas card in 2005. Bailey had a Really Cute hat that went with her dress, but she REFUSED to wear it! I didnt end up using this one because for some reason I looked Cross eyed and Colton wasn't smiling.

This Picture cracks me up!!! Colton and Corbyn were too busy looking at each other to take the time to look at the camera. I also noticed Colton looks like he was beat up. I don't remember his face being bruised like that. Amazing what we forget.

This was from Christmas at Greg's Parents. Greg always has fun with the Kids toys at Christmas Time.

This one wasn't from Christmas, but I found it on the same Memory card and decided to share it. These babies were so sweet at that age!!!!

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