Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in a Nutshell

I hope everyone had a Great Christmas.  I know I did!!!  Here's the run down!

Made Cupcakes for Santa!

Went to Church.  Sat down  in the pew and my husband discovered he had about a 6 inch tear in the inner thigh of his pants.  NICE!!!  On the way home, he decided to play incredible Hulk and rip both sides of his pants.  Before it was all over with, he had about a 2 foot tear on both sides.  It was raining, I was driving.......I said to him, "You better hope we don't get into an accident!" 

We came home and changed into our Christmas PJ's and took our annual pajama pic!

The Kids opened their gifts from us.
Bailey is really into Dolphins this year. 

Kinley was really interested in her gifts this year. She was fun to watch.

The Kids helped Daddy open his gifts.

Colton and Bailey both got personalized chairs for the Deer Lease....or wherever else we might venture off to.

The kids opened the only thing they had been asking for all year.  They both got an Ipod Touch.  We will spend the next 24 hours hearing the word Ipod NON STOP.  My Husband has now said, he wants us to nick name them because he doesn't want to hear the word Ipod again!!!!

The Kids leave Milk and Cupcakes for Santa.  (Kinley is not pictured because she had to go to bed :(

Santa came!!!  Colton and Bailey were creeping in our room at 4:30am saying, "Santa Came!!!!!"  We made them go back to bed for another hour (we're mean like that) and then decided we couldn't make them wait any longer..... 5:30am and they are opening gifts.

The Minute Kinley saw her new Tricycle, she was all over it.  She LOVED it!!!

Just when you think you're done.......

I guess Kinley was a little tired, so she decided to go through her stocking laying down.

Greg and Colton resting with their new pillow pets.
Once we were all done, it was time to get dressed, pack up the Suburban and head to the in laws!

I had to post a picture of My Mother and Father in law's tree.  The past couple of years, they have really out done themselves with their lavish trees.  My husband asked, is this an actual tree, or a limb????  I have to admit, I love their trees.  They have Character!!!! We call them the Charlie Brown Trees!

Boys and their BB Guns

Kinley and her new Blanket!

Bailey and her new Scooter.

Over the Summer, the kids stayed with Ninny and Papa for a few days.  One night they went off looking for coyotes and ended up stumbling across a Bob Cat instead....This would be him.  They had it mounted for Colton for Christmas.  I think he was a little scared at first.  It sat next to him on the car ride home, and Colton kept it's face covered with a jacket.  :)

Next up, Fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't get any pictures of the fireworks show.  For some reason my camera wouldn't take the pictures!! AHHHHH!!!

My hubby standing by the fire they made in Papa and Ninny's front yard

My Sister in law, Mary and Kinley

Greg and our Niece Katie :)

That's all folks.....I want to show you some of the Great stuff we got, but I'll save that for another post.
(I know it's not about the gifts, but we got them so I might as well show them :)
I hope everyone had a Great Holiday Season......Next up, NEW  YEARS!!!!

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  1. What a cute idea for Cupcakes...Seriously. And Merry Christmas.