Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas and Stiches!

We always have Christmas with my Mom and Dad the week before Christmas so we headed down there early Saturday Morning.  The Kids played for a while and then we decided to open gifts.  Greg said it's not natural to open gifts in daylight but we did it anyway.  He thought we should wait until dark.  Try telling that to a 6 year old and two 7 year olds.    Anyway, we opened our gifts one at a time so we could make it last longer. 
We opened presents at my Sister's house.  Here's what it looked like without paper thrown all over the floor.

I made my Husband wear this cute Santa shirt.  He resisted, but I insisted.  I just thought it was too cute not to wear!

My Kids were thinking....Can we please do pictures LATER!!!!  We want to open presents!

Bailey got a bedazzled microphone from my Sister.  She wants to be a Country Singer when she grows up.  I don't have the heart to tell her that she really can't carry a tune in a bucket!

Kinley really did like the clothes that she got.  She modeled them after she pulled them out of the boxes. 
Not sure what Colton was so excited about, but check out his face in the background

Colton was pretty excited about his Toys R Us Gift Card

Another Family Pic

Here's the Whole Family.  Self Timers really do come in handy.


   Kinley tried to climb over a baby/dog gate and fell and the gate got her right between the eyes.  One Minor Emergency Clinic (who sent us to the ER because they didn't handle baby facial wounds) an ER visit and 2 Stitches later, we were back at my Sisters house

So much for Baby Gates being designed to protect the Baby :(


Later that night, we went back to my Parents house for some shut eye.  This morning we were back in full swing....

Colton and Bailey love the Tire Swing at my Parents house.

Kinley looks happy in this picture, but what you don't know and obviously Greg does is that her hand is about to come down right on Greg's head.  She thinks hitting her Daddy's head is Funny!!!

Bailey with her coffee

It wasn't long after we got up and ate breakfast that we were ready to hit the road......well, let me rephrase that, my Husband was ready to hit the road.  He didn't want to miss his Precious Houston Texans!!! He was so ancy to watch this game that once it became game time and we still weren't home, he ended up calling and ordering XM Radio only to find out after the fact that we didn't order the right package in order for him to get the NFL channel we needed in order to listen to the game. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that, it was a Peaceful ride home. 

Once we got home, Kinley only had one thing on her mind!!!!
That's right, riding her four wheeler!

I wish we could have stayed longer and not spent half the time in the ER....but I enjoyed the time we did have. 

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