Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Kids..... Christmas Memories

Throughout the month of December, I've decided to post Christmas pictures from the past. They're not all in albums...some I have found on camera cards so I wanted to document them here so one day when I turn my ramblings into a Book, you will have them all in one place.

Colton & Bailey, This is your very first Christmas Picture taken at the mall. (2004)

Christmas 2007 (This is at our old house in Conroe, TX)

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2008 (Our First Christmas in San Antonio)

Christmas 2008 at MawMaw & PawPaw Melder's

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2010 (Kinley's first Christmas)

I wish I could post them all, but that would take a REALLY LONG TIME!!!!
I'll post more as I come across them. You guys have made Christmas really fun for me!!!!

Love You,

One more thing....Here's Jakes Picture from today. He was hiding in a flower arrangement! We almost didn't see him :)

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