Monday, December 5, 2011

Jack and Jill

Bailey has been BEGGING me to take her to see Jack and Jill. This is a movie about Twins (Boy and Girl, both played by Adam Sandler) Greg LOVES his Football, so yesterday Colton, Bailey and I decided to leave him with the Baby and his Football and head to the Movies. It's been a while since just the three of us have gone to the movies, and I was excited that we got to have this time together. First stop, CVS for Candy. I love the Movies, but not the prices. We all got our box of Candy and headed toward the theatre. The Minute we walked in, there sat Santa. The kids didn't even wait for me to say go ahead, they just ran on up and plopped down in his lap. They were halfway through their list by the time I got the camera out of my purse.
Being the trained the kids that they are, as soon as they saw the camera come out, they stopped what they were saying and said CHEESE!!!!!

Once the picture was taken, they went on with their conversation. Bailey talks to everyone like they're her long lost friend, so she was just yapping it up. Colton did manage to get a word in.

We went on to the Counter to get Popcorn and a Drink...While we were standing there, Colton was really concentrating on the candy behind the glass. He looks up and just as I'm about to say, don't even ask for Candy....hoping he wouldn't say anything about the Candy we smuggled in, he says, "Can you believe this???? THEY WANT $4.50 FOR 8 TWIZZLERS!!! ARE THEY CRAZY!!! My 7 year old is officially his father!!!! He also was not shy about letting his opinion be known when he heard the girl behind the counter say, "That will be $12.50. He says, "$12.50 FOR POPCORN AND A COKE, IT COST A FORTUNE JUST TO GO TO THE MOVIES!!!!" We finally got to our seats, and enjoyed the movie. It was an especially cute movie for us to see because my Babies are Twins too. We had a Great Time.....and then we did a little shopping. We ran into Kirklands to look at their Christmas decorations, and I saw this really cute Gingerbread house. It was $12.50 and it was made out of styrofoam but it was REALLY CUTE!!! Next thing I know....$12.50 FOR A PIECE OF STYROFOAM THAT THE BABY IS PROBABLY JUST GOING TO EAT, says my son. Do you know how many BB's I could buy with $12.50. O.K. Colton, I know how you feel,so you don't have to keep pointing out how much everything cost. We left without the Gingerbread house and ended up at the Dollar Store!!! I loved getting to spend alone time with "Babies". Love them :)

One more thing before I go.....Here's Jake's photo from this morning. When we got up, he had made a zip line going from the Christmas Tree to the back door. The kids LOVED it!!!

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  1. That is so cute! :)
    P.S.You have a very fun elf :)
    Alpine Dermatology

  2. It may be annoying, but at least he has an idea how money works.

    Jake is a very creative elf!