Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sweet Girls and TuTu's

With Colton and Bailey back at School, Kinley has been a little lonely. When Vanessa called and asked if I could watch Sydney for a couple of hours, I couldn't say Yes fast enough. Kinley really likes to be around Sydney and I love watching them together. (Even though Kinley can sometimes be a little bully) Kinley likes to get dressed up so I figured, let's play dress up and attempt to get some cute pictures. Sydney was ALL about it!!! She smiled, she posed and was the perfect little model. Kinley, on the other hand really wasn't having it. She's been sick the past couple of days and I don't think she's completely got her strength back. Needless to say, I had fun taking their pictures and hopefully they will be friends many years from now, and they will have these to look back on.

Even though neither one of them were smiling in this picture, I just love it.
It reminds me of something off of a greeting card... You know the ones you send to your friends with some cute little friendship comment....

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