Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Plate and my Heart are Broken

My most favorite thing in my kitchen is my plate that I had made when Colton and Bailey were 2 years old. It has all three of our hand prints baked into the plate and says, "A Mother holds her Children's hands for a short while, but their Hearts forever. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this plate. I have always had it sitting on my window seal above the kitchen sink, but recently moved it so I could wipe everything down. (You know, so it wouldn't get BROKEN) I put it on the top of my wine rack/ corner shelf in my kitchen and liked the way it looked, so I left it there. MISTAKE!!!!
Today, my One year old who blows through the house like a little tornado leaving nothing but destruction in her path decided that it would be fun to shake my wine rack/corner shelf as hard as she could. Before I could even say NOOOOOOOOO, (that's a slow motion No, not a yelling No) the plate hit her in the head and then broke in a hundred pieces. This is no light plate. This is a THICK, Ceramic Plate. All I could see when I snatched her up off of the ground is the blood coming from her head. I never had to deal with this when Colton and Bailey were little. They weren't little Tasmanian devils like she is. After I got her to the sink and started wiping away the blood, I was so relieved to see that no real harm had been done except for maybe the goose egg that was forming on the top of her head and a couple of minor cuts. I put ice in a sandwich bag and placed it on her head, but naturally being the CRAZY kid that she is, she grabs the sandwich bag and chomps down, ripping a Giant hole so she could get the ice. What am I going to do with this kid???? Now, my focus goes to my Poor Plate just lying there broken. The Sadness hits...My irreplaceable plate is now shattered. I know it's just a "thing", but it's an important thing. It's My Babies hand prints. Hand prints that will never be that small again. I'm not going to cry....that won't fix it. I guess I will try to get some glue and repair what I can. I guess I will have to get a new plate made with all of my kiddos hand prints on it. So long for now...I'm off to feel sorry for myself.

My top shelf is Empty :(

I know it doesn't look like such a big deal by this picture,
but there were a lot of little pieces that were just not recoverable.

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