Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good thing Daddy IS NOT the Tooth Fairy!

Two nights ago, Bailey lost her 6th tooth. This was the second tooth THIS WEEK! The tooth fairy doesn't usually carry cash so she depends on Money just laying around.. As I'm looking through drawers and in old purses, I ask Greg if he has any cash in his Wallet. (I'm only looking for three dollars) He, as usual doesn't have any cash either, but he has a simple solution. Just write her a note and stick it under her pillow telling her that the tooth fairy has deposited her Money in her Bank Account. WHAT???? How exciting, NOT!!! Can you imagine waking up to that? Not me... I can just see it now.... MOMMY, GUESS WHAT!!! The tooth fairy deposited Money in my Bank Account. RIGHT! I don't think she would have been too happy with that. Thank Goodness for Mommy!!!

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