Monday, October 28, 2013

Storybook Pumpkins....

The week before Halloween, the kids School had a Storybook Pumpkin contest.  Bailey said she wanted to do a Monster University Pumpkin and Colton wanted to do a Duck Dynasty Pumpkin.  . Bailey's was an easy one to do.....we started the project together, but of course I had to do some tweeking here and there.  I CAN'T HELP IT, but Thankfully Bailey didn't mind.

Next up, Colton and his Willie Pumpkin......that one didn't exactly turn out as planned so we painted it red and went with a Tractor Pumpkin which was a little more difficult.
The morning we had to turn the Pumpkins in, we loaded them up and headed to the School.....well let me back up. Once the kids were in the car,  I went to hand Bailey her Pumpkin to hold and when I did, one of his arms and both of his legs came off.  I didn't have time to run back in the house and wait for my hot glue gun to heat up and fix it so we ran to the gas station, I ran in and grabbed some Super Glue, fixed her Pumpkin in the gas station parking lot and off we went. 
The Pumpkins displayed in the Library were amazing.  I wish I had pictures of all of them. 
Such a GREAT idea and they made fun decorations for the School's library. 

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