Friday, April 8, 2011

Project Make New Friends...

Today I set out to do what I said I would do. MAKE NEW FRIENDS. I went to the neighborhood Mommy's meeting to see what it was all about. Besides me, there were 3 other Moms. One Mom, Shelley who I have known (but never hung out with) for 2 years and another Mom, Vanessa. I'll start with Shelley. Why have I never hung out with her? She's great. I really enjoyed talking with her and hopefully we can start getting together more often. Our kids are good friends so why not us? O.k. Vanessa.... She's new to the neighborhood so I don't think she's established a lot of friendships yet, but unlike me she's actually putting in the effort. She has a baby that is less than a month older than Kinley so that works out great. They were so cute together. I think we will get together soon so the babies can play. All in all, it was a Great experience and I think I walked away with two new friends. YEAH ME. I feel like I've actually accomplished something. Who knows Jill (I say that b/c you're probably the only one reading this) I might become a Social Butterfly like you. (Minus the baking for everyone in sight) I think I like this blogging thing. It sure beats writing in a journal. Till Next time, goodnight.

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  1. Yeah Jeri!!!! Way to go!!!! Who knows, you may have your own Wysteria Lane!