Saturday, April 23, 2011

Neighborhood Fun

We actually stayed home this Easter so we decided to take the kids to the Neighborhood's Annual Easter egg hunt. It was quite the production. They had tons of food, face painting, sack races, a bunny petting zoo and more. The kids were pumped about getting to run after plastic eggs with Candy in them. Unfortunately some people decided to donate Chocolate Candy that got placed in plastic eggs and put out in the Texas heat a couple of hours before the hunt started. Needless to say, those eggs got thrown out as soon as the hunt was over. Chocolate was oozing out of them. The kids didn't mind. They got plenty of other Candy and the whole experience was fun for them. They even had a hunt for Kinley's age group. They said Go, and she went to crawling. It was very cute to watch. Bailey wanted to help her out so bad, but I said, just let her go and see what she does. She ended up with about 4 eggs in her basket. Bailey and Colton on the other other hand ended up with more than they needed. I hope there is not a Dental expense in our near future. Fun was had by all, but we were worn out. Afterwards we went to Academy and bought floats for the River (with good intentions of going) and went and ate at Willie's. Greg and I did most of the eating. Colton and Bailey parked themselves in the sand box pretty much the whole time. By the time we got home, naps were taken and then it was too late to go to the River. I love busy days. It makes me feel like something got accomplished. Now if I could just accomplish something around this house, I'd be doing good.

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