Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trick or Treat!

We had already gone to the neighborhood Halloween Party the Saturday before Halloween, but I still wanted my kids to have the door to door experience.  Since our neighborhood doesn't do the "door to door" thing, we went elsewhere.  Lucky for me, one of my Friend's Parents live in a neighborhood not too far from here and they go ALL OUT!!!  A lot of them decorate and there are kids everywhere.  It seems like something out of a movie.  We went last year and my kids LOVED it, so there was no question where we would go this year.  We even got Greg to come along.

I love this picture of my Beautiful "Duck Dynasty" Princess.

Colton aka Jase couldn't get to each house fast enough.  We kept having to tell him to slow down.

Bailey decided to go as Ms. Kay her second time around and she was a big hit.  I spent most of the night adjusting her wig because it kept wanting to come off.

This house really got into it.  It was AWESOME!!!  The Porch was huge and they had all kinds of things going on up there.   It really looked like a haunted house.  LOVED IT!!!!

Kinley taking a little break.

As you can see, Kinley really had the hang of the "candy goes in the bag" concept :)

So fun!  I am so happy that we found such a GREAT place to take the kids.  Unfortunately, my friend who's Parents live in this neighborhood moved to Poland a few months ago, but thankfully her Parents let us park in their driveway and treated us like family.    We MISSED you Vanessa and Sydney!!!!!
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