Saturday, November 2, 2013

Colton is in a class full of NERDS!!!

Red Ribbon week was this past week and each day the School had a theme.   Nothing too extreme....Wear Red, Wear a Sports Jersey, Wear a hat and glasses, Wear a College shirt and Friday each class voted on what they wanted to do.  Colton of course voted to have a camo day, but majority ruled by voting for "Dress up like a Nerd"  Normally this would be a fun thing, but my son is so difficult when it comes to things like this.  He didn't want to dress up, and I compromised by still letting him wear his Wranglers.  He wore his suspenders that were also part of his "Rodeo Clown" costume last year, some old sunglasses of Bailey's that the lenses had fallen out of  (I covered the pink part of the glasses up with black tape) his bright yellow Nike's and to top it off I put his baseball cap on him sideways.  Needless to say he wasn't exactly excited when he left the house.  He told me he looked like a big DORK.  I say, "Well GOOD, that's what you're suppose to look like."  He then informed me that a Nerd and Dork are two different things.  A nerd is someone who is really smart, where as a DORK is not.  I'm glad he cleared that up for me.   Bailey's class did Pajama Day.  Easy Enough!
Here they are right before they left the house.  I had Colton's pant legs rolled up, but he managed to get them back down before he got outside.

 This may look like the same picture, but it's not. Look at my silly little man's eyes.

 His Teacher sent out this email and I was glad to see that he was not the only "dork" in the classroom.  Don't they look so CUTE!!!!

By the time he got home from School, he had changed into his boots, ditched the hat & glasses and had his suspenders hanging around his waist.  
I don't care what my kids are rather they be "nerds" "dorks" "popular", not "popular" as long as they like who they are and are good to others.  I just pray that I can guide them in the right direction and that they will listen. 
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