Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fun!

Every year our neighborhood has a big Halloween trick or treating party at the Park.  It always falls on the Saturday before Halloween and pretty much everyone from the neighborhood is there to pass out candy to the kids.

Bailey, our little neighbor Catelyn and Colton

Bailey and a couple of friends from School

Kinley deciding that she does not want to walk any further.

Since the Park has this huge Party on the Saturday before Halloween, there are no trick or treaters in our neighborhood the actual night of Halloween.  It's usually just another night for us, but this year my friend Vanessa invited us to go trick or treating in her Parents neighborhood.  I was so glad we went.  The whole neighborhood decorates and hands out candy and my kids had a blast.  We couldn't even hit half the houses before it was dark and time to head home.

Sydney and Kinley both were cranky before they realized that they were about to be given candy over and over and over again.  Sydney was scared of Colton's Rodeo clown costume so we had to keep our distance most of the night.

Bailey went as a paper doll.

 My little rodeo clown trying to decide where to go next....
and then I reminded him that it didn't matter which way he went
because there was candy waiting for him at every house. 

Kinley wasn't so sure about this whole thing at first, so we started out in the stroller. 

After about the second house, she fully understood what was going on and had no problem walking right up to the door.  Granted at first, she would knock then run, but then she realized you actually have to wait for someone to answer the door in order to get candy.
I had a lot of fun watching her reaction each time. 
It never got old.

Vanessa's Mom gave her candy a few times :)

 She liked it when they just set the bucket down and let her help herself.

Sydney was the Pink Minnie Mouse.

I thought that it was funny that this wolf had walked up behind Kinley and was patiently waiting for his turn at the candy bucket while she took her sweet little time.
I couldn't wait to see her reaction when she turned around and saw him.

I was expecting a little bit of a meltdown, but instead she turned around and took off running.....
but had a smile on her face the whole time.

Vanessa's Twin Sisters with Sydney

I didn't get many pictures of Colton and Bailey throughout the night because I couldn't keep up with them.
I don't know what I was thinking letting Colton wash down his candy with Big Red.
Colton and Bailey with some of their loot. 

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