Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dear Kinley.....I am a Slacker!

I was cleaning out my Blog History because I use to be bad about starting post and then never finishing them.  It looks like I finished this one, but never published and I'm not really sure why.  So, this post is actually from last December (almost a year ago) and  A LOT has changed.  My Baby Girl is NOTHING like the Monster described in this post, but I want to make sure it makes the cut because it was at one time true.  So, here is my almost one year post............

The other day Colton and Bailey wanted to look through their Baby Books and look at all the old pictures and see how old they were when they did something new.  I wrote everything they did down in their baby books.  I pulled Kinley's out and it was pretty much empty.  I felt terrible.  If it wasn't for the Twins Baby Books I would have no idea how old they were when they first laughed or waved or said Mama.  It's amazing how quickly we forget.  I am so sad that I did not write these things down for Kinley.  So, starting now......I will write these things down in my blog.  Someday, when I turn this into a book for my kiddos, she will know what she was doing at this stage in her life.  Here goes!!!

Dear Kinley,

     You turned 16 months old on Dec. 5th.  You are a MESS!!!!!  Much harder to take care of than Colton and Bailey were PUT TOGETHER!!! This could be because you think you are SEVEN.  The same age as your Big Brother and Sister and this could be because they treat you like you are seven.  I am constantly having to remind them that you are just a Baby.  Don't get me wrong, you can hold your own.  You've brought them to tears many times.  You have a MEAN grip and you will attempt to claw somebody's eye out in a second!!!! 

You see the scratches on the Right side of Bailey's face??? You did that!  For no reason, you just reached out and grabbed you some skin.  Your mean like that.  We have all had these same scratches somewhere on our bodies from you.  Not sure what that's all about but I hope you grow out of it soon.
You definitely have your sweet side as well.  I will say, "Give me Big Hugs" and you will wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze so tight.  I love your sweet kisses too.  Sometimes when I say, "Give me a Kiss" You will lean your forehead into my lips.  You pull all of the Tupperware out on a Daily basis.  You are infatuated with shoes.  Aunt Mary gave you 3 pair of Squeaky shoes for Christmas and you LOVE them!!!!!  At your last Dr's appt. the other day, the Doctor told me they were going to do a Standard Mobility test on you to make sure you were doing everything you were suppose to be doing.  By the end of the visit, she said there was no need.  She could clearly see you were mobile.  Thank Goodness we were in a closed room, otherwise you would have torn the place down.  When your done eating, you can't just stop have to let everyone know that your done by throwing every single piece of food left on your tray on the floor.  I'm not talking about gently tossing it on the floor, I'm talking CHUNKING IT AS FAR AS YOU CAN!!!!  The Broom and Vacuum have become two of my Best Friends.  You help yourself to whatever you want in the pantry.  When Daddy gets off of work and sits down in his Chair, you take his socks off and throw them in the laundry room.  You say, Mama, Dada, Sissy, Bubba, Boots, shoes, keys, Cheese, baba, juice,  night night, eyes, nose, ears, phone....and Daddy and I both heard you say, I love you last night.  You've already had your first stitches.  You love to sit in the laundry basket while Colton and Bailey push you around the house.  You keep starting my dishwasher over after it's done.  You make me laugh out loud all of the time!  You throw things in my bath water while I'm in it.  You've started occasionally sticking food in your ears....not sure what that's about.  All I know is I found a part of a biscuit in your ear the other day, and I had to stop you from cramming Green Beans in there at Christmas.  You wait for somebody to accidentally leave the bathroom door open and then you run in shut the door and try to chow down on toothpaste.  You're a GREAT car rider and stroller rider.  When Daddy comes home from work, you drop what your doing and run to the door yelling DADA!!!!!! 
I remember the Day I found out I was pregnant with you...Pure Panic!!!!.We had no plans on having another little one, but obviously God had different plans for us.  You are a TRUE BLESSING and we Love you sooooooo much!!! I can't imagine my life without you in it.   I love You to the Moon and Back!

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  1. so sweet. They change so fast. It's hard to believe and Remember for sure! Thank goodness for your blog and Facebook for me. I need to start blogging. I'm going to I just need to!

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check it out on my blog!