Monday, May 7, 2012

Colton and Bailey's New Rooms

This year for Colton and Bailey's 8th Birthday, I asked them if they would rather have a party or get their Rooms redone.  To my Pleasant surprise, they both chose new rooms.  I love planning their birthday parties, but I loved putting together new rooms for them even more.  We started by asking them what they would want to do their bedrooms in and Bailey said Hot Pink and Zebra and Colton said Baseball.  We started with Bailey's room. 

This is Bailey's room before we started.  It was cute, but she wanted something a little more grown up.

I was going to try and paint the rooms myself, but Greg said NO WAY.   You won't hear me say this very much, but he was right.  I would have probably made a big mess!!!

Bailey wanted Hot Pink walls but we compromised with this.

Here's the new bedding.  I shopped several places online but ended up going with Target. 

Here's the old lamp.

and the new lamp.

I laid in bed one night thinking that I wished Bailey has a Vanity, but I had already blown the budget.  I remembered I had this Vanity in my closet that an old Boss of mine had given me years ago.  I decided I would try to dress it up to match Bailey's room.

After a little Chalkboard paint, some material, a glue gun and some decorations (from Hobby Lobby of course), the Vanity was complete.

New Curtains

New Switch plate covers

New Room 

Next up.....Colton!

This is Colton's room before.  It was a Hodge Podge of the Outdoors. I couldn't wait to get rid of this red paint (left over from the People who lived here before)  It made the room so dark and you could see every scratch and nick on the wall.

It took a lot of primer to be able to cover the red.

The Camo fan came out.....

and the baseball fan went in.  The fan is probably my favorite part of the room.

I decided to redo Colton's desk.  Greg had this thing before we even started dating twelve years ago, and it needed to be thrown out or fixed up.

Here it is.  Complete with New Baseball office chair.  I think this was his favorite thing. (the chair)

His baseball themed dresser. 

He was so happy about his new room that he even let me put an old T ball picture of Him and Bailey on his dresser. 

His new bedding.

I'm glad this project is done.  Now if I could just get them to keep their rooms CLEAN!

I don't know if you noticed how awful the deck looked in my before pictures of the desk and vanity, but we decided to have that painted while the painters were here.

That's it for now.  Until next time.....

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