Thursday, May 10, 2012

Colton and Bailey's 8th Birthday in a nutshell

Colton and Bailey basically celebrated their Birthday all week long.  We started creating their new rooms for them a week before so they already had their gift from us at the beginning of the week.  I thought about giving them something new for their rooms each day of the week, but I wanted it all put together so that didn't happen.  I think their new rooms were the best birthday gift they have ever gotten from us, and I'm not so sure we will be able to top it next year.  One of the Highlights of their Birthday week is that Greg's parents came to see them.  They love it when Ninny and Papa come. 

Ninny never comes empty handed, but of course this week she came with Birthday gifts.  Colton of course became really excited when he opened his card and Money fell out.  What kid doesn't love Money?

Over Spring Break, the kids stayed with Ninny and Papa for a few days and Bailey had found a ring she really liked on one of their shopping trips.  Ninny remembered and bought it for her for her Birthday.  She had forgotten about the ring so she was really excited when she saw what her gift was.

                                              Bailey and her ring.

                                      Colton and Papa

A Package from Sweetie Pie had arrived earlier that day so we went ahead and let them open it.  (Sweetie Pie is my MawMaw)  She is the only Great Grandparent that my Kids have left.  We live in Texas and she lives in Louisiana so we don't get to see her that often.

It was little pots with a dirt tablet and seeds to plant.  They have been doing some of this in School, so they were pretty excited about it. 

Ninny started helping Bailey with her new plant.....

and Colton went to put his Money in his new Baseball Piggy Bank (one of the gifts from us to go along with his new room)

Ninny and Papa brought Brownies, so we enjoyed some Brownies and Milk....

Colton and Ninny got in a little reading time before it was time to set out for our afternoon activities.

Colton had a game and Greg walked in the door right as they had to leave so the boys and Kinley went to the game and Bailey, Pat and I went to Bailey's Technology show. 

When Pat and I discovered that we were going to have to hang out at the School for a couple of hours, we decided to leave and hang out down the street at the Antler cafe and enjoy a couple of beverages, Chips, Salsa and Queso out on the back patio.  It's good to have a little Mother in law time every once in a while.  Before you think I am a bad parent for leaving my child at the High School, there literally was nothing for us to do there and she was in very good hands. 

 Bailey and her Teacher, Mrs. Osborne

Moving on a couple of days....... My Parents came on Friday (the day before their birthday) and I didn't tell the kids they were coming, so they were very surprised when they came in the door from School and saw my Parents sitting there.

                Hugs were exchanged and Presents were given....

 More Money and Gift cards were received in the mail (Thank You Aunt Mary,Uncle Mike, Katie , Klay, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson,  Laura, Billy & Hannah).

The Next day (the kids actual Birthday)  I got up and ran to HEB at 6am to get balloons and donuts.  (No birthday passes around here without some balloons)

and then it was off to the Ballpark for more games. 

After that, My parents took us out to eat and then we headed home for some down time. 

Later that afternoon, Greg wanted to take the kids for yogurt and after a few detours (that would be me saying I knew where an Orange Leaf Yogurt was, but actually ended up at an Aspen Leaf) we ended up in the right place.

You could probably get your fill of Yogurt just by the amount of samples they allow.

 Kinley slept through the whole visit to Orange Leaf.  Poor thing fell asleep on the way there and didn't wake up until we were almost home.  I imagine she was wondering why we got in the car in the first place if all we were going to do was drive around. 

All in all, I think the kids had a GREAT Birthday!  I hope one day they realize how lucky they are to have so many people love them.  We are truly blessed.  
I'll end with a picture of the day they were born.  I can't believe they are already eight years old.  Where does the time go.

Happy 8th Birthday Baby A and Baby B.  I love you SO MUCH!!!!!

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