Sunday, February 12, 2012

Daddy Daughter Dance

I knew when Bailey came home with the information for the Daddy Daughter dance that there would be a slim chance that they would go.  I knew this wouldn't be something that Greg would really be interested in.  Sure enough, when Greg got home and I was telling him about it, he didn't seem excited AT ALL.  I could tell his mind was already trying to figure out a good way of getting out it.  The next  day, he had a plan.  He told Bailey if she would forget about the dance, that he would get them Rodeo Tickets.  She wasn't completely convinced that this was a better deal, but she decided to go along with it.  I kept the info. on the fridge just in case because in this family plans change every minute.  Friday, the day of the dance, the kids went off to School excited about the fact that they were going to the Rodeo that night. When the kids got home, PLANS CHANGED.  Bailey walked in and started boo hooing about how the whole 2nd Grade was going to be at the Dance.  She said, ALL HER FRIENDS would be there.  Seriously, this is too much Drama for a 7 year old.  Once the Tears started to fall, Daddy had a change of Heart.  He said o.k....We'll go to the Dance.  This is typical in this family.  I should have known something like this was going to happen.  We didn't have a whole lot of time to prepare.  Bailey and I jumped in the car and headed to town.  Within one hour, we found a dress at Bealls, went to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought a curly pony tail holder (You know the ones with the hair that looks like your own hair) went to Payless and bought some shoes and then to Target for a Cute flower to put in her hair.   I think that is the fastest I've ever pulled an outfit together in my life. We got home and had the perfect amount of time to get dressed, get hair done and be out the door. 

This was not staged.  I just happen to to be clicking away when Bailey reached up to kiss her Daddy.  It makes my Heart Happy that my kids have a Dad that loves them so much. 

  I'm glad this all worked out and Greg said they had a good time.  Now on to trying to create Costumes for their School play next week.  I really wish Home Economics would have been a required course in High School.  Everyone should know how to sew.  I do not, so I will be relying on my friend Vanessa to pull some costumes together out of the fabric I give her.  It's one thing after another with these kids, but I love every minute of it. 

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  1. Oh he has a good heart! Now he knows he can't bribe his way out of those special times with his daughter no matter how uncomfortable. What a good dad!