Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday

I can't believe my Babies are 7 years old. Where has the time gone? It's seems like yesterday that we were bringing these tiny babies home and I wasn't sure if I was cut out for this Mommy thing. Today we had a Great time with all of their little friends and a Great Big Waterslide. We had a couple of moments where we thought our Waterslide wasn't going to make it. It was two hours late, but while the kids were waiting they made the best of it by running around the yard shooting each other with Water guns. Here I was stressed out about this slide and the kids were totally fine with it. The Candy Bar kept them busy too. Colton & Bailey got TONS of Great stuff and really enjoyed having their friends here. Another Year gone. They'll be in High School before I know it.

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