Friday, December 6, 2013

Jake, Our Elf on the Shelf 2013

     We've had our elf on the shelf, Jake since Colton and Bailey were 2 or 3 years old.  He arrived at our doorstep one day and the kids have loved him ever since.  When they are old enough, I will tell them that their Aunt Mary actually adopted him and had him sent to us. They are nine now, so he's been a part of our family for quite a while.   He has visited the kids and brought smiles to their faces for many years now and he is definitely a big part of our Christmas tradition.  This year he came a little later than usual and I think the kids were starting to get a little worried when he didn't show up on December 1st.  Thankfully he finally arrived with his annual North Pole Breakfast and all worries went away.

This year he came with a new scarf and boots.
and a few sugary treats for breakfast. 

Jake's idea of breakfast is Gum drops, powdered donuts, cupcakes, candy canes and little red and green chocolate chips.
He brought each of them a little gift.  Bailey got a chocolate bar and elf on the shelf earrings, Kinley got a Minnie Mouse Christmas tin with Chocolate Minnie Mouse heads inside and Colton got Chocolate tools.  For those of you who really know Colton,  you know he likes to save unique gifts, so of course he didn't want to eat his Chocolate tools.  He wanted to save them FOREVER!  Kinley took care of that!!!!  He walked in on her in his room going to town on his Chocolate saw.  All I heard from the living room was, KINLEY, NOOOOOOO,  YOU BETTER RUN!  Two seconds later I see Kinley rounding the corner and running full speed into the living room with Colton right behind her.  Needless to say that ruined his collection so he decided he might as well eat the rest. All that is left is a Chocolate Hammer.  We will see how long that last.  You would think by now that Bailey and Colton would know if they don't want Kinley getting into something, they  need to hide it and put it where she can't reach it.  Although she is a good seeker and climber so I'm not sure if that would even work.

The North Pole breakfast was a success and of course they were supervised while brushing their teeth to make sure there was no sugar left on them.  Thankfully no one went to School with a belly ache.  This is the only day of the year that they are allowed to have a candy filled breakfast so they really have fun with it. 

The next day Jake arrived dressed as Willie from Duck Dynasty, complete with a beard and bandanna,  which was a big hit!  
Usually by now I have taken the kids to Bass Pro Shops for our annual picture with Santa which also is when they write out their Christmas list and put it in Santa's mail box.  I have been a slacker and we haven't made it there yet so Jake brought cards, envelopes and stickers so the kids could get their list made and delivered to the North Pole before Christmas.  The kids were surprised to see Jake in some new pajamas.  It seems his wardrobe grows every year.

The kids got their list written last night and left them for Jake to take back to the North Pole.
We assume that's what he did because they were gone this morning.
I'm thinking maybe these elves should come with a confidentiality agreement for the kids to sign saying that they won't discuss their elf with friends at School.  Bailey came home the other day and said, "We have such a good elf!" "I was telling my friends at School about everything Jake does, and some of them were disappointed because they said their elf just moves around the house at night and never brings them anything.  I can just see those kids going home and complaining that their elf isn't meeting up to their standards.  Honestly, moving to different areas in the house at night is what the elves were intentionally made to do, but I guess our elf just can't help himself.
So here we are on Friday and Jake has managed to keep the kids entertained with his little surprises.
This is how we found him this morning.
Such a sweet little elf!
We have until Christmas Eve before Jake goes back to the North Pole to stay until next year and we all anticipate what he will do next.  He starts our mornings out on a Happy note and gives the kids something to be excited about TOGETHER which is a rare thing around here.  The fighting between Colton and Bailey isn't near as bad during December because they know Jake is watching everything they do and reporting it back to Santa.  Occasionally they will even tattle on each other to Jake....."JAKE DID YOU SEE WHAT BAILEY DID!" or visa versa and then I have to remind them that they are making themselves look bad in front of him.  WIN WIN for me!!!!
I don't know who has more fun with him....ME or the kids!
I hope everyone is having a nice Holiday Season!!!

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