Monday, May 6, 2013

My Babies turn Nine

     I know everyone says it, but seriously, Where does the time go?  It seems like each year goes by quicker than the last and I know before I am ready for it, these two will be all grown up. I don't want to ever forget how they were at each stage of their life, so I thought I'd jot a few things down.

Colton at age Nine....
Favorite TV show:  Duck Dynasty
Favorite thing to wear:  Wranglers, Pearl snap shirts and boots
Favorite singer:  Rodney Atkins
Favorite song:  Buckaroo
Favorite food:  Chicken nuggets
Favorite drink:  Sprite
Favorite thing to do:  Hunt

Bailey at age Nine....
Favorite TV show:  Full House
Favorite thing to wear:  T-shirts and cotton shorts
Favorite singer:  Taylor Swift
Favorite song:  22 by Taylor Swift
Favorite food:  Ravioli
Favorite drink:  Root Beer
Favorite thing to do:  Swim
 Here we are with our "Big" Nine Year Olds

The Whole Gang

My Mom & Dad came into town for the kids Birthdays.

 We sat out on the back deck and let the kids open their presents from us.
The only thing Colton asked for was a Duck Dynasty shirt and a Duck Dynasty Cake.  He acted genuinely surprised when he got his shirt.

Bailey and her new flip flops.  I can't believe that her and I are almost in the same size.

I'm glad my "Babies" still get excited about Balloons.

Colton wasn't expecting a Jace (Duck Dynasty) bobble head.  He said it was the best present ever!

The only thing Bailey asked for was a new case for her Ipod.
She was really excited to see that it came complete with Turquoise glitter.

I wasn't quite sure how I was going to pull off the Duck Dynasty cake.   I ended up going to HEB and buying a plain white cake, spray painted it with green spray paint (edible of course), added a
bobble head and a few other things and there you go....

MawMaw & PawPaw Melder

Once again, Happy Birthday Baby A & Baby B.  We love you so much!!!!!

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