Thursday, February 14, 2013

Making Daddy's Valentine's Day Present

Greg and I are not big spenders when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts.  We usually buy each other and the kids some candy and a card.  This year I have gotten a lot of ideas from Pinterest and although I hardly ever follow through with any projects that I pin....I did decide to put one of them to good use for my husband's Valentine's Day present.  First, I had to get individual pictures of the kids holding up a sign....Here's how Colton's went......

And then there was Bailey....

....and of course, then it was Kinley's turn.....this turned in to an all out bribing session!!!! 
Thank Goodness I had Valentine's Day Candy on hand!

A black frame, some construction paper and a few puffy heart stickers later we had a present for Daddy.
My husband is not a Big reactor, so you never know if he really likes something....but I'm going to assume he did.  We made it for his office at work, but I am also going to assume that it will not leave our house until I put it in his car myself and call him right before he walks into his office and remind him to take it in.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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