Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lemonade Anyone???

Today I decided we needed to have a Garage Sale and the kids decided they needed a Lemonade stand. They moved their stand around 3 times until they found the perfect spot. They wanted to call it quits a few times, but they kept pushing on. It was REALLY HOT!!!

Most people weren't even coming to the Garage Sale. They were just pulling up and ordering Lemonade. The kids were really excited every time someone would stop. (I must admit, I was too) Now, for the most exciting part of the day....... A couple pulled up in an older model Expedition and a Woman gets out. She walks up to the kids and asked them Why they were selling Lemonade. Bailey says, "We are raising Money for a Pool Membership, and it's $200.00. (We told the kids if they wanted to swim they needed to raise some of the Money for the pool) It's just our way of teaching them some sense of accomplishment. The lady then pulls two twenty dollar bills out of her wallet and hands it to the Kids. They couldn't believe it. Talk about EXCITING. After she drove away, the kids both came running in the House shouting, LOOK, FORTY DOLLARS. I sure wish I knew who that lady was. It's not everyday that you see that type of kindness. Needless to say, together we raised enough money for our Pool Membership and had fun doing it. The kids were both excited that they had a hand in paying for it.

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