Saturday, August 17, 2013

Conner is turning ONE!!!

When my Sister asked me if I would watch my nephews for a couple of days this Summer, my first thought was, I will have Conner (my soon to be one year old nephew)  all to myself and I can drag him around and take pictures of him.  We don't live close to each other so I don't get to see them very often.  My Sister wasn't even gone 1 hour and I was already taking pictures of this cute little guy.  As you can see by the first picture, he wasn't overly excited with my idea. 
He did try to escape but wasn't successful.  Look at those, "Please get me out of here" eyes. 

He finally warmed up to the idea and gave me a little smirk.
After we were done with the outside pictures, I decided to try and take some pictures inside.
My Sister had made Texan blankets for my Husband and son last year for Christmas so I laid one on the floor and draped the other one over the couch.  I still had the jersey that my now nine year old son had worn when he was little and it fit Conner perfectly.  He was a little natural.  I love that sweet smile of his. 

He liked the helmet, just not on his head.
I decided to give him a break for the night, but the next day we were up and at it again. Conner comes from a long line of aggies, so of course he had an aggie jersey in his overnight bag.  I just happen to have a board and some chalkboard paint and decided I would make a prop to go along with his pictures.  I didn't have any chalk so I had to resort to white crayon and it did the job.  I picked up some balloons from HEB and headed out to my favorite picture taking spot down the road. 
He was so good.  Look at this sweet little man. 

I couldn't let the opportunity to get pictures of his big brother pass me by and he was more than willing to pose with his baby brother. 


As soon as Corbyn picked Conner up, he went from my sweet smiling nephew to my not so happy nephew.   
Needless to say I snapped the picture for the fun of it and moved on. 

Here's Conner saying a little prayer.  I imagine he's praying that Corbyn doesn't try to hold him again :)

I guess Conner wanted Corbyn to take his glasses off and when he didn't, he took matters into his own hands. 

As you can see, the glasses came off and I got a big smile out of big brother. 
Happy First Birthday Little Man!
Aunt Jeri Loves You!!!

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